Public Interest Incorporated Organization Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center

Brief overview

The Northern Regions Center,currently HIECC (Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center), was established to actively promote the economy, culture and academic exchange between Hokkaido and other northern areas and to facilitate appropriate exchanges with other regions. By so doing ,it aimed to contribute to the country's economic, cultural and academic development, as well as the development and prosperity of northern regions in general.
Following its transition into HIECC, the organization has been committed to taking a more active role as the base for comprehensive, international exchange in Hokkaido, which aims to further develop Hokkaido, by creating affluent and vibrant local communities, through global exchange and cooperation.


President: Toshio Sato


May 1978


Apr. 1971 The Northern Regions Study Council is established.
Jan. 1972 Permitted for the Council’s status as an incorporated association by the National Government.
Apr. 1978 The council is reorganized into the Northern Regions Center
Apr. 1996 The Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) entrusts the Sapporo international Center with the operation and management.
Mar. 1998 The Ministry of Home Affairs(now the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) grants the Center the status of a “Recognized Local International Exchange Association.”
Apr. 1998 The Center integrates the Hokkaido International Exchange Center for Youths and Women
July. 2004 The Center integrates the Northern Regions Exchange Fund
Apr. 2010 The Center succeeds to the business of the North Pacific Region Advanced Research Center.
Aug. 2011 The Center changes its status to a public interest incorporated association and its name to the Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center.


Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center
060-0003 West 7, North 3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel +81-11-221-7840
Fax +81-11-211-7845


Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Activities and operation

Promotion of international understanding

Promotion of international exchanges
  1. Promoting exchanges with foreign countries
    ・Organizing Japan-China youth exchange program
    ・Accepting foreign delegates to Hokkaido
    ・Promotion of Japan-Korea exchange model in a new era
    Promotion of exchanges between Hokkaido citizens and foreign students
    ・Offering student aid for international students
    ・Promotion of community based exchange programs for international students
  2. Provision of support for immigrants abroad
    ・Accepting descendants of immigrants from Hokkaido as foreign students
    ・Provision of support for the association of immigrants from Hokkaido prefecture
  3. Provision of subsidy for various international exchange activities
    ・Provision of support for organizing international exchange program

    Working together with communities and other organizations
    ・Organizing meetings with local communities to exchange information on international issues
    ・Establishing and managing the council for the official diplomatic and consular offices in Hokkaido
Promoting international cooperation

Becoming a Supporting Member

HIECC is partly operated with funds raised through membership fees.
HIECC welcomes membership applications from those who understand and endorse its objectives and activities.
● Annual corporate and organizational membership fees -10,000 yen per membership
● Annual individual membership fees -5,000 yen per membership

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